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FIFA 22: How PS5’s DualSense controller and 3D Audio immerse you in The World’s Game like never before

11 September 2021

In FIFA 21, the DualSense controller lets you experience the effects of stamina through adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback that reflected the physicality of a tough tackle or the feeling of the ball hitting the crossbar. This year the haptic feedback replicates the feeling of the ball hitting the back of the net – mimicking the power of the strike and the tension of the net – to deepen the sensation of scoring a goal in FIFA 22. So when you bury one into the top corner from outside the box to win the title for your Pro Clubs squad, you’ll feel it in your palms as the crowd erupts in the stands and the celebrations begin on the pitch.

FIFA 22 includes 3D Audio on PlayStation 5 for the first time to pull you further into the match as you hear the game from the pitch. With 3D Audio, you’ll hear team mates’ shouts in the sound mix, as well as close-up audio raised higher to match the perspective shift as the camera pans to fans in the stands.

Built to harness the power of PlayStation 5, new HyperMotion gameplay technology makes every match you play across every mode in FIFA 22 even more realistic. Beyond traditional optical mocap that captures a small number of participants in a staged environment, HyperMotion’s Advanced 11v11 Match Capture allows to capture 22 players in a high-intensity match situation. In FIFA 22, you’ll notice players move with the intensity of athletes, see them approach the ball with purpose ahead of striking it, feel the physicality of the fight to win headers, witness tactical intelligence as teams move as one unit, and much more.